Advanced Paralleling Gen-Set Controllers


Mains (Utility) Controller
The G8660 is a ATS / Mains (Utility) controller with integral heater designed to work with the G8600 that is configured for use as a multi-set controller. The G8660 allows multiple generators to synchronise with a mains (utility) supply and controls switching power between generator and mains (utility) sources, without loss of supply to the load.
Overall (W x H x D)
248 mm x 182.6 mm x 45.2 mm / 9.77” x 7.19” x 1.78”

Panel Cut-Out (W x H)
220 mm x 160 mm / 8.66” x 6.3”

Maximum Panel Thickness
8 mm / 0.31” 

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Product Highlights

Key Features

Key Features

Ability to configure multiple bus segments
Spinning reserve
Load demand schemes
Advanced multi set communications link (AMSC)
Advanced PLC functionality including multi-purpose PIDs
Phase locking
Virtual inputs
On-screen mimic
Multiple application support
Multi-level pin protected front panel editor
Integral LCD display heater
Enhanced high-resolution 240 x 128 pixel display
Load sharing & VAr sharing
Virtual shared inputs/outputs states and instrumentation values via AMSC
Touch screen panel PC support (G80XX)
Zero Sequence voltage protection
Integral gasket (IP65 protection)


DC Supply

Continuous Voltage Rating
8 V to 35 V DC continuous

Cranking Dropouts
Able to survive 0 V for 100 mS, providing supply was at least 10 V before dropout and supply recovers to 5 V. This is achieved without the need for internal batteries. LEDs and backlight will not be maintained during cranking.

Maximum Operating Current
700 mA at 12 V, 350 mA at 24 V

Maximum Standby Current
350 mA at 12 V, 190 mA at 24 V

Real Time Clock

Voltage Measurement

Measurement Inputs
Three phase mains (utility) / Three phases bus

Measurement Range
15 V to 415 V (Ph-N) / 255 V - 720 V (Ph to Ph)

±1% (±4.15 V Ph to N) / ±1% (±7.2 V Ph to Ph) 

Frequency Range
3.5 Hz to 75 Hz

Input Impedance
450 KΩ Ph to Ph

Current Measurement

Measurement Inputs
Three phase mains (utility) / Single phase bus or load

Measurement Range
0 to 1 A, 0 to 5 A

Max Allowed Continuous Current
5 A

±1% (±0.01 A or ±0.05 A)

Input Impedance
0.02 Ω


12 digital inputs (A to L) switched to negative


Volt-Free Contact
2 volt-free contacts (C & D) 8 A at 250 V AC

8 digital outputs (E to L) 2 A DC at supply voltage


2 x fully isolated

10/100 Ethernet Port

1 x storage device

1 x non isolated host / programming

3 x fully isolated


Operating Temperature
-30° C to +70 ° C / -22° F to +158 ° F

Storage Temperature
-40° C to +85 ° C / -40° F to +185 ° F


Overall (W x H x D)
248 mm x 182.6 mm x 45.2 mm / 9.77” x 7.19” x 1.78”

Panel Cut-Out (W x H)
220 mm x 160 mm / 8.66” x 6.3”

Maximum Panel Thickness 
8 mm / 0.31”

Environmental Testing Standards

Electro-Magnetic Compatibility 
BS EN 61000-6-2 - 
EMC Generic Immunity Standard for the Industrial Environment 
BS EN 61000-6-4 - 
EMC Generic Emission Standard for the Industrial Environment 

Electrical Safety
BS EN 61010 - Safety of Information Technology Equipment, including Electrical Business Equipment 

BS EN 60068-2-1 - Ab/Ae Cold Test -30°C
BS EN 60068-2-2 -
Bb/Be Dry Heat +70°C

BS EN 60068-2-6 - Ten sweeps in each of three major axes
                                5Hz to 8 Hz at +/-7.5mm
                                8Hz to 500 Hz at 2gn
BS EN 60068-2-30 - 
Db Damp Heat Cyclic 20/55°C at 95% RH 48 Hours
BS EN 60068-2-78 - 
Cab Damp Heat Static 40°C at 93% RH 48 Hours

BS EN 60068-2-27 - Three shocks in each of three major axes
                                  15 gn in 11 mS

Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures 
BS EN 60529 - IP65 - Front of module when installed into the control panel (Integrated Gasket)

Connection Diagram

DSEG8660 connection diagram

Product Variants

No product variants available