DSE G8 Series

High-End Genset Paralleling Control

Cutting EdgeTechnology

DSE's next generation high-end paralleling control module series has been developed for multiple complex paralleling applications.

Over mould case
Over mould case

Advanced case design with integrated sealing gasket for IP67 protection.

New Front Design
New Front Design

Fresh modern design with enhanced button layout for ease of operation.

On-screen Mimic
On-screen Mimic

Provides flexibility to utilise the controller in different operating modes.

Enhanced Display
Enhanced Display

Impressive pixel ratio ensures on-screen information is always presented clearly.

Enhanced Elastomer Front
Elastomer Front

Offers outstanding durability and resistance to on-site contaminants.

Screen Printed Terminal Layout
Screen Printed Terminal Layout

Ensures installers always have a clear understanding of wiring connections.

Complex functionality
as standard

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Group Controller

The G-Series offers outstanding group controller flexibility, making the system ideally suited for sites with multiple generators. The G-Series allows 64 group controllers within the same system. Each group controller can have a maximum of 63 generators connected to it. This means that the G-Series can handle synchronising systems with a maximum of 4,032 generators.

The group controllers can work with or without breakers or their own CT’s.


Load Demand Schemes

Spinning Capacity
This function automatically starts and stops generators to maintain a minimum spinning mechanical mass on the generator bus, at all times. This is used to ensure there is always enough capacity available.

Calling for More Sets / Calling for Less Sets
This function automatically starts and stops generators based on the full load percentage of the generator bus. This is used to keep generators running within their most efficient load range, e.g., 70% to 80%. This function works on applications with the same size sets only. Spare capacity increases as the number of running sets are added to the system.

Balance Engine Hours
This function automatically starts and stops generators to ensure run hours remain the same as other sets on site and within the user configured values defined in the PC software. This is used to prevent excessive engine wear and extend system life expectancy


Spinning Reserve

Spinning Reserve
This function automatically starts and stops the generator to maintain a reserve buffer of power between what is required and what is available. This is used to ensure when different sized generators are used, there is always enough power available to accept the largest expected change in load e.g., a motor starting. This function works on applications with same size and different size sets


Multiple Bus Sectioning

The G-Series offers bus sectioning functionality. This high-level feature allows certain parts of a bus to be separated into multiple sections. When a power failure / fault occurs then sections of the bus can be isolated from the system until it can safely be restored.

The diagram shows a system that has been configured with 8 separate bus sections.

Advanced Industry Functionality

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Pin Out

For continuity between the G-Series and its predecessor, the pin out remains the same as the 8610 MKII. This will make the transition to the new product simple for existing customers.

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Re-Engineered the MSC Link to Become Advanced MSC Link (AMSC)

The MSC link has been totally re-engineered allowing the G-Series to deliver premium Advanced MSC link technology. The brand new intelligent system map ensures there is no need to break the AMSC link through bus-ties. The system identifies the topology by simply setting bus segment numbers within the configuration suite software.

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64 Controllers onto the Same AMSC Link

The G-Series provides the capability of adding 64 controllers to the same AMSC link.

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Phase Locking

The G-Series introduces phase locking allowing generators to be held in sync without having to close the breaker. The breakers can be kept ready to close instantly when instructed. This functionality is user configurable within the configuration suite PC software.

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Bus-Tie Control as a Load Switch Controller

The G8680 Bus-Tie Controller can be used as a load switch controller to control essential and non essential loads. The unit will sit on the same AMSC link as other G-Series controllers within the system.

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Multi-level Front Panel Editor (FPE)

The G-Series provides users with a multi-level configurable front panel editor. This allows different PIN protected access levels to be created. These access levels can be given to different user groups to limit access to certain menu functions as required.

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Increased PLC Functionality

The G-Series delivers the most sophisticated version of DSE Advanced PLC Software to date, adding high level functionality to the most powerful DSE load sharing solution ever developed. Any controller can Gencomm override any other controller that is on the same AMSC. The G-Series has the ability for 3 AMSC user defined registers to be created per controller transmitting user-defined data around the AMSC link.

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Virtual Inputs

The G-Series provides the ability to turn on & off virtual inputs via the front panel. PLC programs can also be manually activated or deactivated.

Key Applications

Data Centres






Parallel genset controller with integral heater

  • Multiple Bus Sectioning
  • Group Controller Functionality
  • Load Demand Schemes
  • Advanced PLC Functionality
More Information


ATS / mains controller

  • Multiple Bus Sectioning
  • Group Controller Functionality
  • Load Demand Schemes
  • Advanced PLC Functionality
More Information


Bus tie controller

  • Comprehensive Synchronising
  • Close on to Dead-Bus
  • Load Ramping
  • CT support (4)
More Information


7" colour parallel genset controller

  • 7" Advanced Colour Display Technology
  • Load Demand Schemes
  • Multiple Bus Sectioning
  • Phase Locking
More Information


15" panel pc with DSE Scada

  • Powerful Intel Atom® Processor
  • 4 GB SDRAM
  • Multi-Touch Capacitive Display
  • 2.5" SATA Solid State Drive
More Information


Analogue Load Share Lines Interface

  • Converts a DSE MSC Link to Analogue Load Share Lines
  • PC SCADA instrumentation for System Diagnostics
  • USB Programming Port
  • DSE Configuration Suite Software
More Information


DSENet® Input / Output Expansion Module

  • 8 digital inputs (2 analogue configurable)
  • 8 digital outputs
  • RS485 communications
  • CAN communications
More Information


Thermosensor DSENet® Expansion Module

  • 4 thermocouple inputs
  • 4 analogue outputs
  • RS485 communications
  • CAN communications
More Information

To learn more about the G8 Series and how it is ideally suited to advanced paralleling applications, get in touch via one of the methods below.