Engine & Pump Control Modules (E-Series)

DSEControl® is a dynamic range of control systems for engines, pumps and compressors and an advanced collection of programmable controllers and displays for vehicles and off-highway machinery. Our specialist team of development engineers have created a range of products that provide outstanding performance across multiple application environments.
Engine Only Control Module
Engine Only Control Module
Engine Only Control Module
eView® Engine Display
Engine & Pump Control Modules (E-Series)
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Robust Materials
Our products are made from the highest grade materials to ensure they provide premium levels of strength and rigidity.
Simplified Programming
Our intelligent DSE Configuration Suite Software makes programming modules extremely simple.
IP67 Compliant
Our E400 engine & pump control offers IP67 protection.
Manufactured in the UK
We manufacture all products at our UK Head Office. We are extremely proud of our UK manufacturing heritage and continually invest in new technologies and machinery to ensure we can continue to manufacture products in the UK for years to come.