12 Volt Battery Chargers

DSEPower® is a range of 12, and 24 volt compact, intelligent, enclosed and dual output battery chargers developed and manufactured by our specialist power engineering team within our UK head office. Each charger within the range includes multiple industry-leading features that are setting new standards in charging technology and enhancing multiple charging environments.
12 Volt 5 Amp Battery Charger
12/24 Volt 10 Amp Enclosed Intelligent Battery...
12 volt 3 amp Compact Battery Charger
12 Volt Battery Chargers
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Robust Casing Materials
We use a range of premium plastics and metals for all our battery charger cases.
Flexible Mounting Options
Our chargers & power supplies offer flexible mounting. All products feature either DIN Rail, Chassis Mount or both.
Powerful & Efficient Solutions
Our specialist development team has created powerful & efficient battery charger solutions for over 40 years.
Manufactured in the UK
We manufacture all products at our UK Head Office. We are extremely proud of our UK manufacturing heritage and continually invest in new technologies and machinery to ensure we can continue to manufacture products in the UK for years to come.