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New Product Release! DSEG8900 - 7" Colour Parallel Genset Controller

DSE are pleased to announce the release of the DSEG8900 - 7" Colour Parallel Genset Controller, the newest addition to DSEs G8-Series range. The DSEG8900 can be configured to provide single-set and multi-set paralleling on a single site and provides a wide range of high-end features for multiple application environments.

Key Features:

  • Bus Sectioning Support
  • Spinning Reserve & Capacity
  • Load Demand Schemes
  • Advanced Multi-Set Communications Link (AMSC)
  • Advanced PLC Functionality
  • 7" High-Resolution Colour Display
  • Flexible Inputs / Outputs
To learn more visit: DSEG8900 | Advanced Paralleling Gen-Set Controllers | DSEGenset | Deep Sea Electronics

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