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New Product Release! DSE335 MKII ATS Controller

DSE are pleased to announce the release of the DSE335 MKII ATS Controller, designed to monitor the voltage and frequency of incoming AC supplies from two different sources. These are either generator or mains (utility), or a combination of both.

The module monitors S1 (source 1) and in the event of a failure issues a start command to S2 (source 2). Various timing sequences are available to prevent nuisance starting on minor supply breaks. The module is configured using the DSE Configuration Suite PC Software. Selected front panel editing is also available. Configurable inputs and outputs make the DSE335 MKII fully flexible to suit a wide variety of applications.

Key developments:
- Configurable close transition menu enhanced down to <100 ms.
- Switching schemes combined into a single scheme, reduced from 3.
- S1 and S2 sensing increased to 415 V AC, ensuring module fully supports 600 V 3-phase systems.
- Configurable LEDs are bi-colour for improved status indication.
- Single label front.

To learn more, click the following link: 
DSE335 MKII | Automatic Transfer Switch Control Modules | DSEAts | Deep Sea Electronics or email one of our product experts sales@deepseaelectronics.com 

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