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New Features Added to DSE9470 MKII Intelligent Battery Charger

DSE’s 12/24 Volt 1-10 Amp intelligent battery charger now has a range of new and improved features to add to this already impressive product.

The DSE9470 MKII is a highly efficient battery charger with programmable charging curves enabling close matching to all common battery types.  The latest enhancements include:

  • Increased output voltage range to 31 V for better performance when charging NiCad batteries or conducting 24 hour battery charging tests.
  • Improved soft start feature set to a minimum voltage of 10 V for enhanced capability for higher load inrush currents.
  • New battery health check feature has been added to detect battery health and activate an alarm on poor conditions. Settings are configurable through DSE Configuration Suite PC software for timers & options.
  • New deep sleep mode becomes active when the charger is connect­ed to a battery and no mains (utility) supply is available. Minimises the current consumption from the battery down to 16 mA – particularly useful when the mains (utility) is unavailable for long periods of time.
  • New battery voltage sensing (Down to 1 Volt) for charge termination and automatic battery voltage detection.
  • New user configurable PSU mode allows the charger to operate solely as a conventional constant voltage power supply. The output voltage and current limit are configurable between maximum and minimum settings within DSE Configuration Suite and when enabled, automatically disables appropriate features affecting output voltage.
  • Improved automatic voltage detection (Down to 1 Volt) enables the charger to stay powered down if a battery is not connected and will automatically power up into either 12V or 24V mode once the battery is connected.
  • New SCADA digital input status provides active/non active status information on the digital inputs.
  • Increased output current range allows the DSE9470MKII chargers to be configured down to 1 A.
  • New Max current mode allows the charger to switch automatically (or manually) to maximum output current if required for a configurable time period.
  • New configurable gencomm registers for: digital input status, digital input selection, charge state time remaining, time until next battery test, time until next self-test.  Information is displayed through SCADA.

For further information on the DSE9470 MKII, please click here.


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