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Intelligent Battery Chargers - Now Available


Deep Sea Electronics plc is delighted to bring to the market a brand new range of intelligent battery chargers.  The 5 and 10 Amp chargers include 12 and 24 Volt versions suitable for a wide variety of battery types.  The chargers are programmable and have been designed to provide an outstanding range of features including:

• Digital microprocessor technology

• Automatic 3-stage charging

• 86% operating efficiency at 110 V and 90% at 230 V

• Automatic de-rating at high ambient temperatures

• PC programmable charging curves for a longer battery life

• Multiple chargers can be used in parallel

• Suitable for multiple battery types

• AC voltage operating range 110 V to 277 V

• No moving parts for reliability and longer battery life

• Multiple input & output protections

• RS485 communications

Charger  Details

DSE9470 10 Amp 24 Volt

DSE9480 10 Amp 12 Volt

DSE9472  5 Amp 12 Volt

DSE9481 5 Amp 24 Volt

The current new battery chargers form the first release of a growing range of intelligent battery chargers, with further products in the pipeline for higher wattage applications.

For more information please refer to the DSE website:

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