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New Product Release! DSE2160 - DSENet® Input / Output Expansion Module

DSE are pleased to announce the release of the DSE2160 Input / Output Expansion Module developed for use with the DSEG8600 and DSE M-Series platforms. The module has been developed to support applications that need to monitor more than the host controller offers as standard and is suited to sophisticated systems such as hospitals and data centres.

The DSE2160 extends its host modules input and output capabilities for increased application flexibility. This is achieved by providing an additional 8 inputs, consisting of 2 analogue inputs (both can be configured as digital) and 6 digital inputs (digital input A can be configured as a frequency input, pulse counter or RPM input). The DSE2160 also provides 8 additional digital outputs. All 8 outputs can be individually configured as a digital input, positive switching DC output or a negative switch DC output.

For enhanced communication with the host module, the DSE2160 features a DSENet® port for connection to the DSEG8600 platform and a CAN port for connection to the DSEM-Series platform. 

To learn more visit: DSE2160 | Expansion Modules | DSEGenset | Deep Sea Electronics

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