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Major PLC Editor Update for DSE86XX MKII

The PLC Editor for the DSE86XX MKII load share control modules has been completely updated with a new look and multiple new features, making the software extremely powerful. The new PLC editor is embedded into the DSE Configuration Suite Software and has been designed to open in its own window, allowing users to continue to use DSE Configuration Suite software as at the same time. It is also now easier to drag and drop function blocks and the PLC can be separated onto different tabs within the editor so that the functionality can be easily re-used. File handing has also been improved making it much simpler for users to create new files, save existing ones, cut and paste and edit existing projects. Improved value monitoring now features allowing functions and variables to be watched over SCADA, values can be read over GenComm from other modules and used in the PLC and MSC data is also available for use in the PLC. 

PLC Editor Updates Include:

Updated GUI
  • Cut, Copy, Paste
  • Undo, Redo
  • Show / Hide Line Numbers
  • Variable Editor
  • Project Settings
  • Tool Searching
Function Blocks
  • Logic Selector
  • Counter Manipulator
  • Off Timer
  • PID Controller
  • Rising / Falling Edge Trigger
  • Sentinel Check 
  • Mathematical Functions
Conditional Checks
  • Pulse Output
  • GenComm Status
  • Bit Shift
  • Value Selector
  • Set / Select Strings

Logic Blocks
  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT
  • XOR
  • Allows rung values to be passed to other rungs


  • Additional module values can be read over GenComm and used in the PLC
  • MSC data now available for use in the PLC

The new PLC Editor is available now in the latest release of the DSE Configuration Suite software. If you have any additional questions relating to the software, contact: 
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