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New Features Added to 12 & 24 Volt Intelligent Battery Chargers

DSE continues to implement product improvements across many of their intelligent battery chargers, ensuring that products stay at the forefront of charger technology.

Recent enhancements across 24V and 12V chargers include:

•  Password Protection has been added to prevent additional users changing pre-configured charging profiles.

•  Configurable Temperature Shutdown feature in the DSE Configuration Suite PC software enables battery over temperature alarm configuration via a user-friendly ‘slider’.

•  Configurable Mains Relay Functionality. A disable feature slider has been added to the PC software to stop relays changing state when a mains (utility) failure occurs.

•  Lead crystal charging profiles are now supported.

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10 Amp: DSE9480, 5 Amp: DSE9481

To learn more about each product, type the part number into the website search bar. 


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