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New Mobile Phone App for DSEWebNet® v2

DSE’s new mobile phone app is the ultimate tool enabling engineers/employees, who spend a lot of time away from the office, to control and monitor multiple global sites operating DSE generator control modules.

Recognising the need for increasing flexibility in a faster moving market, DSE developed the mobile phone app to help companies looking to offer faster response times and increasing efficiencies with improved system performance and ‘up time’.

Once a site has been set up and configured using the desktop software, the phone app can be linked to each site. Users can then view sites and DSE control modules, gaining full access while on the move to real-time instrumentation, alarms, notifications, input & output status, historic data & graphs etc.

The app is compatible with all well known smart phone devices and the clear screen layouts have been expertly designed with ease-of-use in mind, enabling easy access to system information.

  • Instant access via the user-friendly log-in screen
  • Instantly check operating status using the overview screen
  • View all site locations and their operating status using the integrated maps
  • All sites are clearly displayed and can be viewed in more detail quickly and easily
  • Access in-depth control information
  • Control generators and reset alarms from your phone
  • Mains/utility overview screens provide detailed power status information

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