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SCADA Suite Software
SCADA Suite Software for Windows PC enables remote control and monitoring of DSE73xx, DSE74xx series modules and DSE load share systems comprised of DSE8xxx Series Modules. The DSE8005 SCADA Suite software is available as part of the DSE Configuration Suite download.

Please Note: This software is free to download.
8005-00 - 8005 DSE SCADA Suite Software

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Product Highlights

Key Features

Key Features

System overview graphical designer with simple drag and drop facility.
Monitor up to 40 DSE controllers.
Monitors the generator and mains (utilities).
Load switching control.
Generator start and stop control.
Load demand priority.
Mains (Utility) base load power levels.
32/64-bit operating system.


Compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista.

Environmental Testing Standards

BS EN 61000-6-2
EMC Generic Immunity Standard for the Industrial Environment.
BS EN 61000-6-4
EMC Generic Emission Standard for the Industrial Environment.

BS EN 60068-2-1
Ab/Ae Cold Test -30°C.
BS EN 60068-2-2
Bb/Be Dry Heat +70°C.

Product Variants

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