PLC Editor Software

Advanced PLC Editor

For Multiple Module Types
DSE's Advanced PLC Editor has been developed for use with the 86xx MKII, 73xx MKII and E400 control modules. The editor is embedded into the DSE Configuration Suite software and provides multiple function types for advanced load share applications. The editor utilises its own viewing window allowing users to work within the editor and the configuration suite software simultaneously. 

Please Note: This software is free to download. 

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Product Highlights

Key Features

Key Features

All features of DSE Standard PLC Editor.
The new PLC editor is embedded into the DSE Configuration Suite Software and has been designed to open in its own window, allowing users to continue to use DSE Configuration Suite software at the same time.
User defined function blocks.
Mix ladder logic with logic gates (AND, OR, XOR, NOT).
Communicate with other DSE controllers.
Support for rising and falling edge triggers.
Mathematical functions support up to 8 variables.
Built-in PID controller.
Support for state machines.


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