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DSE Assistant

Configuration File Upload Tool
DSE Assistant is an intelligent software tool that allows a single configuration file to be uploaded to multiple DSE control modules in mass production factory environments. Users have the ability to create a single file that contains the config, firmware and language files. This is then added to DSE Assistant and uploaded to connected modules. The software can also be used to read and save files from within a control module for use in other modules or to assist with config analysis. 

Please Note: This software is free to download.
Modules can be connected to a PC using a USB A to USB B cable. Certain modules require an additional programming device. Please refer to the software manual for further information. 
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Product Highlights

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features

Key Benefits

Upload single configuration files to multiple DSE control modules.
Reduces configuration errors during the manufacturing process.
Easy to install and use.
Can be up and running with the software within minutes.
Import, export and save configuration files.
Provides flexibility to upload files to modules and download files from modules.
Simplifies module programming in mass production environments.
Speeds up production environments and guarantees consistent config uploads.
Works with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
Flexible for multiple Windows operating platforms.


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