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Auto Start Control Module

Software Manuals

DSE Configuration Suite Software Installation Manual
English Installation Manual for the DSE Configuration Suite Software.
DSE44xx Configuration Suite Software Manual
English DSE Configuration Suite Software Manual for the DSE44xx. 
DSEAssistant PC Software Manual
English PC Software Manual for the DSEAssistant


Software Downloads

DSE Configuration Suite Software Installer
2.220.56 The DSE Configuration Suite Software Installer should be installed to your laptop/PC hard drive. Once installed the software will be ready for use immediately. To begin configuring your module type, start by selecting the module you are using. Configurations can then be created and saved for future use.  This download provides the full DSE Configuration Suite Software for use on Windows machines. The software has an auto update feature included and will notify you when updates are available for download. 
  • 16.09.2022
  • English
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10
DSEAssistant PC Software Installer
2.0.11 DSE Assistant is a simple flash configuration tool that allows config files to be written to and read from DSE control modules. 
  • Allows the user to easily configure multiple modules that require the same configuration file.
  • Enables engineers to attend site and extract a config file from a control module.
  • Avoids accidental changes to config files being made by engineers. 

  • 22.06.2023
  • English
  • Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Microsoft.Net Framework V 4.5
4.5.2 Microsoft.Net Framework V 4.5 must be installed on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Widows 8.1 machines for the DSE Configuration Suite Software to function correctly. If your Windows machine does not have this software installed the DSE Configuration Suite Software will cancel its install and prompt you to install Microsoft.Net Framework V 4.5 first. Once this software has been installed the DSE Configuration Suite Software will install ready for use.  This software must be installed on your Windows machine before the DSE Configuration Suite Software will install correctly. 
  • 23.11.2018
  • English
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


Language Files

DSE Configuration Suite Software Language Files
1.1 DSE Configuration Suite Software Language Files

Zip file includes Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Mexican and Thai language files. 

The zip file also contains a PDF instruction leaflet with details on how to add the language files to the DSE Configuration Suite Software.     
  • 26.11.2014
  • English


Training Documents

USB Earth Loops and Isolation
English USB Earth Loops and Isolation
Digital Output To Input Connection
English Document describing a generic procedure for connect Digital Outputs to Digital Inputs without the need for a relay. Examples of typical applications are also given. 
Remote Start Input Functions
English Document describing priority and functionality of Remote Start Input Functions.
Recommended Practices for Wiring Resistive Sensors
English Document providing recommended guidelines for wiring resistive sensors to DSE modules, and examples of common mistakes made when doing so.
Replacing Non-Standard & Obsolete Controllers
English Information on replacement modules for obsolete & non-standard DSE products. Issue 25.