Vehicle & Off-Highway Machinery Control Systems (M-Series)


4.3" Programmable Display

Release Notes

M-Series Release Notes
English M-Series Release Notes. 

Information on firmware, device descriptors, packages and CODESYS. 

Version 19 - 14.06.21


Software Manuals

DSEServicetool Software Manual
English Software manual for DSEServicetool


Software Downloads

DSE Codesys Package

Supported targets:

M640 V2.0

M643 V2.0


M835 V1.0


M840-01 V3.1


M840-02 V4.1


M870-01 V5.0

M870-02 V5.0

M870-03 V5.0


M812-01 V1.0

M812-02 V1.0



Included libraries:


DSE Utils V2.1

DSE J1939 V1.1

DSE Keypads V1.1


Note older versions are contained within the package, see release notes

  • 16.06.2021
  • English
  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32/64 Bit)
3.5 SP 12 The IEC 61131-3 programming tool CODESYS Development System.
  • User-friendly programming tool.
  • Allows the user to program compatible DSEControl® products.
  • Fully programmable via IEC 61131-3 Languages (FBD, LD, IL, ST, SFC).
  • 08.05.2018
  • English
  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32/64 Bit)
1.32.2 Software tool for DSEControl M-Series products.

·         Allows the user to upgrade the firmware and bootloader of the device

·         Allows the user to download new CODESYS Applications

·         Supports Ethernet connection (DSEM640, DSEM643, DSEM840, DSEM870)

·         Supports CAN connection (DSEM240, DSEM835)

  • 12.01.2021
  • English
  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32- and 64-bit)


Module Firmware

DSE M840 Firmware Upgrade File

Users requiring to update V1 devices are referred to DSE Technical Support ( for further advice.

Change Notes:

-          Shutdown changes to stop occasional reset during ignition off

  -        Task Intervals limited to 5ms minimum

  • 08.04.2020
  • English
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.


Training Documents

English Training Document describing how to drive the System LED fitted to the M series devices.
Persistent Variables CODESYS
English Document describing the use of PERSISTENT and RETAIN variables on the M Series devices.
Using CURRENTVISU to display visualisations in CODESYS
English Describes how the CURRENTVISU variable is used to control the display of visualisations within CODESYS. This is most commonly used to handle 'page control' in a system containing multiple display pages (visualisations)
Clone and Recover
English Describes the Clone and Recover of DSE MSeries displays that support the functions.