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G8 Series SCADA
DSE SCADA is secure software that provides advanced multi-set monitoring & commissioning functionality for G8 Series controllers. The stand-alone software is downloaded from the DSE website and installed onto a Windows based laptop/desktop machine. The software can be configured to connect with individual / multiple generators on the same site. Users are able to gain full system overviews from any remote location with an Internet connection.

The software provides multi-set commissioning functionality, which is unlocked by purchasing a multi-set commissioning license. Licenses are unique to each computer they are installed on. Multi-set commissioning allows users to configure generators independently or apply single settings to multiple generators at the same time.

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Product Highlights

Key Features

Key Features

Server/Client application
Multi-set commissioning (DSE SCADA license required)
Fully configurable instruments/screens
Secure software platform
Windows based software
Ethernet communications
View monitored & measured values on single-screen
Simple SCADA diagram setup via drag & drop icons
Run software anywhere with an internet connection
Multiple password protection levels (read only/read & write/full admin)
Monitor & control single/multiple sets
LAN/WAN compatible
Reduce on-site monitoring costs
Start generators independently or together


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